Global Appropriation Suite (Teaser)

by Giant Turd



Global Appropriation Suite (GAS) is a continuation of my examination between the evolution of the post-modern approach towards art in the 21st century and the sound and culture within Africa and East Asia, utilising these subjects in a contrived appropriation, the cultural signifiers of these regions within a western context are relayed back and forth like an echo effect until there is only a global singularity, of culture and sound alike.

The influences found within are contemporary J-Pop, afrobeat polyrhythm and the seminal works of DJ Rashad of Teklife, with the post-modernist internet art personality playing as a pivot between the three, as to forge a triangular effect both in this context and the further context of art, sound curation and experience.


released August 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Yarki Dubrovnik, Croatia

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